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3 Stunning Bathroom Design Ideas on a Budget

A good bathroom remodel Durham, NC, may seem overwhelming on the pocket. But it does not have to be so. You can do many things to improve your bathroom without breaking the bank for it.

You can use recycled materials in your house or simply repaint the walls, and they will look stunning. Today, we will be discussing three stunning design ideas for your Durham bathroom remodeling on a budget.

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1. Consider Recycled Draws for Your Vanity Unit

We all understand the importance of the vanity unit in a classic bathroom. And that is why many homeowners will spend a lot of money setting them in place, especially when they don’t hire a trusted bathroom remodeling company.

However, you don’t need to spend too much on a super-expensive unit. Did you know that upcycled materials can look even better than those high-end products?

We have met some of the greatest vanity units designed from second-hand furniture pieces. You can easily find these items around the house, even without looking too hard. Some homeowners have used a base for a basin, and it always looks great.

If you are buying bathroom storage, consider one with a bottom shelf. This can also work as storage for your towels and other bathroom accessories. It does not cost much, and yet it will perform exceptionally well. Using recycled drawers is an excellent bathroom remodeling idea that does not require any special skills. You can do it yourself one afternoon or during the weekend when you have some spare time.

2. Keep to White Fixtures and Swap the Lights Out

Neutral fixtures and finishes promise the most affordable NC bathroom remodeling. Colors can be quite expensive, especially when you are looking for unique ideas. But if you are on a budget, we advise you to stick to white toilets, tubs, and sinks.

There is an abundance of cheap materials in white, and they are easy to deal with in your house too. You can save a lot of money going for white tile floors, tub surround, or backsplash. Since they are not customized, you can easily find them at affordable prices.

Change the lighting too. A good bathroom remodel can be completed by simply changing the fixtures and placement in the space you have. And they don’t even have to be expensive or overly complex.

3. Use Oversized Artwork

Many of us enjoy some artwork in our bathrooms. Consult your remodeling contractor Durham NC for some tips on the best artwork for such spaces. Luckily, such works don’t have to cost a fortune.

There are lots of affordable art fairs or vintage stores on the market. They are an incredible way to add more color and visual interest to a small bathroom. Good art can even make the space seem bigger.

 The idea is to get an oversized painting or picture that covers a large part of the wall. That way, you don’t have to paint that area all the time or hang anything else there.

We hope these three ideas are a good start for your bathroom remodeling project. If you need more, call us today, and we can work together for the most stunning results. 

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