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Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting

Your kitchen is the heart of your house. So don't forget to decorate it with the highest quality kitchen lighting.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Design, Installation and Repair

The Bathroom remodeling durham expands a variety of kitchen lighting designs so that your kitchen can exude elegance and splendor. With designer lamps, fixtures, tasks, and ambient lightings, you can have a pleasant time preparing delicious meals for your loved ones. 

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina Light fixtures are almost stunning, bright, and designed solely to create a relaxing aura in your kitchen. Explore our collection and get your dream kitchen and bathroom lighting today!

Discover the amazing collection of lighting for your space!

Ceiling lights help create the perfect ambiance. Whatever your style, you can find beautiful bathroom ceiling lights here. Choose from hidden dome lights, bathroom pendant lights, hanging lights, stylish ceiling spotlights, or modern kitchen and bathroom lights.

Looking for vanity lamps? Our range of mirrors, clamping lamps, and bathroom wall lights makes preparation a dream come true. Not enough space? Our mirrors with recessed Lighting will help you maintain the elegance of your bathroom. Or discover waterproof LED downlights to light up your sink, shower, or bathtub and create a bathroom to be proud of.

Types of kitchen and bathroom lighting

The right interior lighting can completely transform your kitchen and bathroom by adding ambiance or functionality to your space. Our range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures has everything from cool spotlights for the perfect mood to ceiling fixtures in expressive styles. Not to mention smooth, directional Lighting perfect for making the most of your bathroom design.

Undercabinet Fixtures

These lights come in the form of thin strips, small recessed, mini-track systems, or surface-mounted discs, also called washers. Installed under wall cabinets, they provide work lighting by illuminating counters and work surfaces without shadows. Used inside cabinets with glass fronts, the same fixtures display glassware or porcelain.

Task Kitchen lighting

Task kitchen lights provide Lighting for specific tasks such as reading, cooking, makeup, etc. It can be positioned under the kitchen cabinet or the on the wall above the work area.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Pendant lights, which are often installed on a kitchen island, can act as a bridge between ambient Lighting and tasks. For this reason, kitchen designers often place them over islands or open areas where conversation, lunch, baking, and food preparation take place

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Durham, North Carolina, offers a deluxe selection of bathroom lighting option for traditional and modern bathrooms.