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Showers and Bathroom Remodeling in Durham NC Let's explore the different types of Bathtubs that can revamp your space!

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Showers and bathtubs Renovation in Durham, NC

Bath or shower? Once again, the endless diatribe between the convenience offered by the shower and relaxation offered by the bathtub. Whether you choose one or the other, the bath and shower are the dominant elements in the bathroom in terms of design, functionality, and size.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina, offers bathtubs and showers designing and renovation in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every budget and brings a whole new sense of the joy of bathing. All of our products and designs, from showers and baths to bath accessories, are backed by a warranty as long as you own your home. Call us today to learn more about why we are the best choice for bathtub renovations in Durham, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. 

Generic Bathtub Durham NC

Generic Bathtub is usually installed in the home to provide family members with a bathing opportunity and may include pets such as a dog, cats, and small mammals to take a dip in the water, especially in hot summer weather. It is usually white with a shower head on top and closed so that you can shower while standing or sitting.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Durham has long understood that everyone has their own definition of well-being. That is why they offer you a wide selection of bath renovations near you for the perfect relaxation. Do not worry because for bathroom lighting.

Drop-in bathtub Durham NC​

A drop-in bathtub is a sink that fits into a prepared deck. The inside of the drop-in tub is finished, but the outside is not, as it is covered with a decking. This unique Bathtub requires a carpenter to build a terrace or peninsula that juts out into the room. Then the beautiful tub is installed in this structure. Drop-in bathtubs have their own rim. These unique tubs can be installed in an alcove, but they are often installed in a more open area. Thus, drop-ins usually require more floor space than alcoves and are more expensive. If you wish to add a drop-in bathtub to your space, contact us for the best bathroom renovation experience.

Whirlpool bathtubs in Durham NC

Whirlpool tubs and their cousins, air baths, include jets that expel water or air from strategically placed jets. The swirling water provides the best spa experience and gives a relaxing massage for people suffering from joint or muscle pain. They are also great for pain relief after a long day of work or intense training.

Claw or Ball Feet Bathtub

These are freestanding bathtubs with four claw or ball-shaped legs. Some have a flat and smooth top, while others have a taller curve at the tub head and a classic slipper profile. They are usually cast as one piece, making them very comfortable to relax. 


While combinations can be created inside the Bathtub, such as the whirlpool or soak functions, the combinations can also be expanded to include new options for different types of shower heads. There are surprisingly refreshing hand shower systems, many freestanding shower systems, and large rain shower head configurations. We take the same friendly and professional approach to our kitchen services, such as Kitchen flooring.

Durham North Carolina bathroom remodeling solution that lasts a lifetime

Not sure what type of bath and shower you need for your home? No worries! At Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina, we oversee this process from designing, selecting the highest quality materials to the installation and customer service that affects every customer we meet. We offer a free consultation and assessment so you can get an idea of ​​everything and your state of mind. No, wait further! Take the first step towards remodeling your dream bathroom with a Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling in Durham, North Carolina, today!