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Bathroom Vanities in Durham, NC

A great bathroom vanity will provide you with a convenient place not only for storing things but also for a reliable sink. In fact, many bathroom vanities have several stylish elements that create a sophisticated look. However, in order to have a quality bathroom vanity, you must keep an eye on what you are going to install.

You should choose a quality bathroom vanity, a more modern, or a free-standing bathroom vanity that is not only attractive in design but also fully functional. Whichever style you prefer, it must be made from appropriate materials to keep it flat and with the proper bathroom design the results are guaranteed to be peaceful.

Browse our beautiful range of bathroom vanity

Our luxury vanity tables blend with antique, modern, and traditional, transitional styles. For a modern home, there is no best choice than a modern bathroom vanity. With sleek designs, minimal equipment, stylish sinks, contemporary dressing tables offer all the trendy style you need in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit any décor.

If your décor is neither old-fashioned nor ultra-modern, transitional vanities are your best bet. Combining modern and classic design elements, the combinations can work almost anywhere.

This vanity style will remain attractive over time, regardless of current trends and with the proper bathroom lighting.

Last but not least, you will find a variety of traditional and modern designs with Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Durham, NC. Despite their looks, antiques include all the modern touches you would expect from a modern vanity unit; however, they do so in a way that emphasizes a more sophisticated, timeless aesthetic. 

Wood finishing, decorative elements, and a classic look are all popular. These elements will ensure that your new bathroom vanity never goes out of style. So, With Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Durham, North Carolina, you have endless options just contact us for unique bathroom vanity for your space!

Types of Bathroom Vanities

Single Bathroom Vanities

The single bathroom vanity is ideal for guest baths as they provide a stylish look in a compact package. Choose from pedestal styles, stunning wall structures, or free-standing units with modern amenities that will appeal to you and your guests. 

Double Bathroom Vanities

Upgrade to double bathroom vanity for easy sink access in the morning. Perfect for the main bath or shared kids’ bathrooms, the double sink vanities offer ample storage space for toiletries and towels, allowing you to stay more organized and reducing countertop clutter.

Wall-mounted vanities

With its unique floating appearance, the wall-mounted vanity will be a stylish and bold element of any bathroom. Wall-hung washbasins, available with one or two sinks, are the perfect solution to make your bathtub look bigger and more spacious.

Free-standing vanities

Unlike wall-hanging free-standing vanity is supported on a solid base or legs and is, therefore, easier to install by the renovator. They often look like a console table and come in both traditional or modern styles, making it easy to find one that matches other furniture in your home.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Durham, North Carolina, offers a deluxe selection of bathroom vanities for traditional and modern bathrooms. Our collections are conceived by top designers and crafted by artisans in Durham, North Carolina. With our wide selection of styles, from single to double, antique to modern, you’ll find your next bathroom vanity right here.