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If your Kitchen cabinets are outdated, old, cracked, or worn out, you might think it's time for a complete refurbishment.

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Best Cabinet Refacing designers in Durham, NC

With our cabinet refacing services, we offer a wide variety of options and styles to choose from replacing existing doors – Cabinet refacing – to installing and designing custom cabinets. As long as they remain in place, we replace doors and drawer fronts with a new style to make your kitchen look and feel like new, for a fraction of the cost of remodeling.

At Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina, we offer the design, installation and refinishing at very reasonable prices. Our projects are finished with high-quality solid maple, top-quality wood drawers with soft closing fasteners; the doors are equipped with six-way adjustable hinges, and the sides are made of stainless steel, plywood. We also offer all kinds of accessories such as wine cabinets, lazy Suzanne, spice stands, trash drawers, and more!

Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation

Cabinet Design and Installation Savings in Durham nc can provide you with cabinets designed for the discerning consumer, where the expectation of remodeling is nothing short of superior quality.

We have a range of cabinet styles and accessories from renowned manufacturers for any home decor. The pride of craftsmanship is shown down to the smallest detail.

Carefully selected materials, innovative kitchen design and installation, meticulous cabinetry, and innovative design are all our proposals—eternal beauty designed for a lifetime. For further design options be sure to check out our Bathroom Design and Kitchen Flooring.

Cabinet Refacing in Durham nc

Rearranging new cabinets is the most economical way to update your kitchen. Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina, has years of professional experience transforming yesterday’s kitchens into tomorrow’s kitchens.

We can do this without all the problems associated with a significant overhaul. In just a few working days, you will have the kitchen you have always dreamed of—refreshing means giving a new face to your wardrobes.

Let’s start by removing all old doors and drawer fronts so with can work with the surface. We examine the wood professionally and carefully to determine exactly what repairs are needed. We will then take care of the necessary repairs. We then cover the open frames with a new layer of wood veneer or laminate, depending on the kitchen design you choose.

Following are the prices for refacing in Durham, North Carolina, based on our research and input from contractors. Cost of refacing (per door): In Durham, North Carolina, the price of cabinet refacing varies from $130 to $170 per door.

Start your cabinet doors renovation project today!

The Advantage of Cabinet Refinishing


Why inconvenience while you wait for your cabinets to be replaced or dismantled? Refurbishing or painting takes less time so that you can enjoy your dream kitchen sooner.


In Durham NC, new units are expensive, especially if you have a high quality set. Refinishing or painting your old set saves you money.

Attention to detail

You will love how your shelves look after our experts are done. We have the tools and skills to get the job done right. Trust in our contractors for custom design projects.

Are you ready to decorate your Kitchen cabinet for your space?

Discuss your goals for your home with Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Durham, North Carolina today, and see how our affordable services can help.

To give you a kitchen upgrade that fits your needs and budget, our team of skilled professionals is prepared to work safely. Our company is locally owned and operated. Whatever your demands or style, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Durham, NC is ready to work with you to find the solutions that will make your kitchen every day a welcoming and useful environment.