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Which Lighting Fits With My Style?

It is common to visit many lighting stores Bellevue and come back without making a decision. This is because lighting is among the most challenging things to replace. With so many options, you may not know which style to choose for your style and size.

We have seen many people agonizing about lighting fits for kitchen or bathroom WA for a long time. Some want the easiest way to a solution that serves the purpose, while others want a more complex approach. 

There is a way you can make the process much easier. The goal is to clearly understand what you want when you visit the lighting stores.

Consider the following questions:

What is Your Design Style?

We all have those designs we love the most and dream of having in our homes. They may not be the right fit, but you will get an idea of what you want and start working from there.

So, the first and most crucial step is to define your design style in the easiest way possible. This helps you to narrow down your search and focus on specific areas.

Perhaps you want a farmhouse, a glam, coastal, industrial, boho, minimalist, or modern. There is an abundance of styles to choose from. And if you are unsure where to start, you can always search the internet for ideas.

What Fixture Type and Size Are Right for Your Space?

You cannot install the lights without having proper fixtures in place. This is a good indicator of where you want to go in most cases.

For example, your bathroom renovation WA may have included fixing a pendant type where you may have used something bigger. Consider checking for a flush mount light and let it be your starting point. 

Your room may call for more than just one fixture. That will mean getting more lights, which you can even mix up for something more customized.

The fixture size to choose will depend on your space. Larger rooms will require larger fixtures, and smaller rooms will require the opposite.

Which Finish is Right for You?

After completing that bathroom remodel Durham, NC project, look at the metals you have used already. Check the curtain rods, faucets, and door handles to determine the metal used.

Common metals are bronze, brass, black and satin nickel. You can choose your color based on the metal you see. The lights and fixtures need to complement those metals.

Some homeowners prefer mixing up things. It is still ok since some rooms may have mixed metals. Choose anything that seems to perfectly complement everything else.

Now Choose the Right Light

Now that you have narrowed everything down, finishing your bathroom remodeling Bellevue WA with lighting that fits your style should be easier. There are many styles, including:

  • Modern home style
  • Modern lighting
  • Uptown home style
  • Traditional home style
  • Rustic home style
  • Transitional home style

You can always choose good lighting that fits your style. The ideas we have shared here should point you in the right direction. We hope it makes your work much easier.

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